Bus Route No : 1
Std I To III Timing 7:40 a.m to 1:00 p.m  
(Worli - Prabhadevi)
Mr. Irani Mobile : 9322246412    
Time: Morning: Evening: Time:
6:45 a.m Worli Naka School 1:10 p.m
  Prabhadevi Haji Ali  
  Century Bazar Happy Home 1:40 p.m
  T.V Tower Poonam Chambers  
7:00 a.m Poodar Hospital Worli Seaface  
  Flora Flora  
  Worli Seaface Poodar Hospital  
  Poonam Chambers T.V Tower  
7:05 a.m Happy Home Century Bazar  
  Haji Ali Prabhadevi  
7:15 a.m School Worli Naka 1:50 p.m
Bus Route No : 2
Std I To III Timing 7:40 a.m to 1:00 p.m  
 (Walkeshwar - Nepeansea Road - Breach Candy)
Mr. Irani Mobile : 9322246412    
Time: Morning: Evening: Time:
6:50 a.m Mahalaxmi Temple School 1:20 p.m
  Breach Candy Walkeshwar  
  American Embassy Teen Battti  
  St. Stephen Church Ridge Road  
7:00 a.m K.G School Hanging Garden 1:35 p.m
  PDP Garden Shripal Nagar  
  Hyderabad Estate N.D Road  
  Simla House Simla House  
7:05 a.m N.D Road Hyderabad Estate  
  Shripal Nagar PDP Garden 1:55 p.m
  Hanging Garden K.G School  
  Ridge Road St. Stephen Church  
  Teen Battti American Embassy  
  Walkeshwar Breach Candy  
7:20 a.m School Mahalaxmi Temple 2:10 p.m
Bus Route NO : 3
Std I To III Timing 7:40 a.m to 1:00 p.m  
(Kemps Corner - Bhatia Hospital - Tardeo)
Nalin Modi Mobile: 9821337894 Pratik Modi : 9821335991
Time: Morning: Evening: Time:
6:55 a.m Tardeo School 1:20 p.m
  Bhatia Hospital Babulnath  
  Nana Chowk Kemps Corner  
  Shreepati Tower Cumball Hill Hospital  
7:00 a.m Warden Court Warden Court 1:35 p.m
  Cumball Hill Hospital Shreepati Tower  
  Kemps Corner Nana Chowk  
  Babulnath Bhatia Hospital  
7:10 a.m School Tardeo 1:55 p.m
Bus Route No : 4
Std I To III Timing 7:40 a.m to 1:00 p.m  
(C.P Tank - Thakurdwar - ChiraBazar)
Subhash Bhai Mobile: 9892290626    
Time: Morning: Evening: Time:
6:55 a.m Marine Lines School 1:20 p.m
  Chira Bazar Chowpatty  
  Thakurdwar Sukh Sagar  
  Mangalwadi Tiwari Brothers  
7:05 a.m Kumbhar Tukda Girgaum Church 1:35 p.m
  C.P Tank Prathana Samaj  
  Sikka Nagar Sikka Nagar  
  Prathana Samaj C.P Tank  
7:05 a.m Girgaum Church Kumbhar Tukda 1:45 p.m
  Tiwari Brothers Thakurdwar  
7:15 a.m Sukh Sagar Mangalwadi  
  Chowpatty Marine Lines  
  School Chira Bazar 2:00 p.m
Bus Route No 5
Std I To III Timing 7:40 a.m to 1:00 p.m  
 (Grant Road- Khetwadi - Alankar- SVP Road)
Nilesh Modi Mobile: 9821682886    
Time: Morning: Evening: Time:
6:50 a.m C.P Tank School 1:20 p.m
  Panjarapole Dharam Palace  
  Gulal Wadi French Bridge  
  Sindhi Galli Opera House  
7:05 a.m Alankar Kennedy Bridge  
  Khetwadi Grant Road Bridge  
  H.N Hospital Novelty 1:35 p.m
  Dreamland Railway Bakery  
7:05 a.m Railway Bakery Dremland  
  Novelty H.N Hospital  
7:15 a.m Grant Road Bridge Khetwadi  
  Kennedy Bridge Alankar 1:55 p.m
  Opera House Sindhi Galli  
  French Bridge Gulal Wadi  
  Dharam Palace Panjarapole  
  School C.P Tank 2:10 p.m
Bus Route No : 6
Std I To III Timing 7:40 a.m to 1:00 p.m  
(Pedder Road - A.C Market - Maratha Mandir)
Mr. Irani Mobile: 9322246412    
Time: Morning: Evening: Time:
7.00 a.m Maratha Mandir School 1:20 p.m
  Bombay Central Peddar Road  
  Tardeo Mathrua Dairy  
  A.C Market New Activity School 1:40 p.m
7:05a.m Cross Road Haji Ali  
  Haji Ali Cross Road  
  New Activity School A.C Market 1:55 p.m
  Mathura Dairy Tardeo  
7:10 a.m Pedder Road Navjeen Bridge 2:05 p.m
  School Maratha Mandir No Bus Service
Bus Route No 7
Std I To III Timing 7:40 a.m to 1:00 p.m
 (School- Marine Drive - Churchgate-Matruchaya Building)
Mr. Jayesh Bhai Mobile: 9322849617  
Time: Morning: Evening:
6:50 a.m Matruchaya Building School
  Fridans Building Chowpatty (Cream Centre)
6:55 a.m Jai Hind College Marine Drive
  Churchagate Crowford Market
7:00 a.m Reserve Bank of India V.T Station
7:05 a.m V.T Station Reserve Bank
  Crowford Market Churchgate
7:15 a.m Marine Drive Jai Hind College
  Chowpatty (Cream Centre) Fridans Building
7:25 a.m School Matruchaya Building
Bus Route No 8
Std I To III Timing 7.40 a.m to 1.00 p.m  
 (Wilson College-Grant Road Bridge (L)- Pratiksha Tower-Khewadi Back Side)
Mr. Manish Mobile: 9820811690    
Time: Morning: Evening: Time:
7:05 a.m Khetwadi Back Side School 1:10 p.m
  Bharat Nagar Wilson College  
  Balaram Street Gamdevi Police Station  
  Pratiksha Tower Gamdevi Police Station 1:20 p.m
  Minerwa Theatre Minerwa Theatre  
  Gamdevi Police Station Pratiksha Tower  
7:30 a.m Gamdevi Police Station Balaram Street 1:30 p.m
  Wilson College Bharat Nagar  
  School Khetwadi Back Side 1:40 PM
Bus Route No 9
Std I To III Timing 7.40 a.m to 1.00 p.m  
 (School- Love Lane-Lalbaug-Kalachowki)
Mr. Aziz Bhai Mobile: 9819143752    
Time: Morning: Evening: Time:
6.35 a.m Vicky Restaurant School 1.20 p.m
  Kalachowki Maratha Mandir  
6.45 a.m Kalpatru Jacob Circle 1.35 p.m
  Lal Baug Bakri Adda  
6.50 a.m Voltas House S Bridge 1.45 p.m
  Vicky Restaurant Voltas House  
7.00 a.m Love Lane Lal Baug 1.55 p.m
  S Bridge Kalpatru  
  Bakri Adda Kalachowki  
7.10 a.m Jacob Circle Vicky Restaurant  
  Maratha Mandir Love Lane 2.10 p.m
7.30 a.m School Mazgaon  
MANISH - 9820811690
Teen Batti-Dongarshi Road-Manav Mandir Road-Raj Bhavan
Time: Morning: Evening: Time:
7.15 a.m Teen Batti From School 1.15 p.m
  Dongarshi Road Dongarshi Road  
7.20 a.m Jogani Appartment Jogani Appartment 1.20 p.m
  Manav Mandir Road Manav Mandir Road  
  Teen Batti Raj Bhavan Raj Bhavan  
7.30 a.m To School Teen Batti 1.30 p.m

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